Electric guitar Jammy with variable geometry – know-how of digital music


The Jammy model is designed to meet the needs of all. And those who have a musical instrument on you, and professional guitarists, and fans of experiments with new gadgets. The guitar has typical metal strings, but its body – two sliding halves, which repeatedly expands the possibilities of using the device.

In the folded state, the length of the Jammy is 320 mm, and in the extended position – 498 mm. Two sets of strings are fixed on each of the halves and you can play any of them in the usual way. There is also a typical system of LED lighting for teaching beginners the basics of skill. But the highlight of the novelty is in non-standard use.


Jamming mode: you play as part of a virtual support group in an arbitrary musical genre, doing anything with a mini-orchestra. Song mode: you are a lead guitarist, you play the main part, and invisible musicians assist you. The guitar software is smart enough to correct errors of sound independently when playing classic, previously recorded in the database, hits of different eras.

The electric transformer has support for smartphones for detailed control and tuning, the sound can be output to a headphone or amplifier to take part in a real concert. The bottleneck is the cost of the product, which is still unknown. Probably, the situation will clear up not earlier than the fourth quarter of 2017, when Jammy goes on sale.

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