In St. Petersburg, laid mine ship with a unique hull

Fiberglass Enclosure

A ship for the Navy will be built at the shipyard of the Middle Nevsky Shipyard – the mine trawler Ivan Antonov. Its monolithic body is made of fiberglass, which in strength is almost in no way inferior to steel, and its weight is much lighter than it.

Large-capacity vessels made of fiberglass are still rare, but there is no doubt that they will become more and more. To help shipbuilders come modern technology.

One of them is a vacuum infusion. Its essence lies in the fact that some reinforcing material is impregnated with a special composition (resin) by the method of retraction with the help of vacuum.

In addition to the world’s largest monolithic fiberglass body, the minesweeper will be equipped with the most advanced radio-acoustic electronics for detecting sea mines.

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