Infiniti Q60S: when emotions defeat the mind

Let’s start the year with a bright model! Moreover, if you believe the news – electric cars, autonomous transport – the coupe Infiniti Q60S should not exist. But the car exists – and it’s cool! After all, when the modern world gradually destroys the emotionality of driving, such cars as the Infiniti Q60S prove – not everything is lost. Here emotions defeat the mind and this is extremely important: it is emotions that make us human, not allowing to turn into another “cog” of the next machine.

When every kilometer behind the wheel is an event

No matter how pathetic it may sound, it’s true: every kilometer behind the wheel of the Infiniti Q60S is an event for the enthusiast of the automotive world. Even more: every minute next to the Infiniti Q60S gives emotions. Everything begins with dating in static. The car is beautiful and unusual in appearance – you can long consider the lines, shapes, body parts. A similar feeling reigns in the cabin: separate areas for the driver and front passenger, comfortable sports seats in front, comfortable rear seats.

Beautiful, stylish, even thoroughbred design – it can be “savored” in its entirety and in detail: squinting headlights, wings-hips above the rear wheels, chrome zigzag rear side window, which has already become a brand name for new models of Infiniti . In front there are chrome wings: this is not a prop, they are quite functional – inside you can see air channels.

The front panel divides the interior of the Infiniti 60 into two zones – for the driver and the passenger. A small handsome steering wheel falls into his hands; on the handlebar – additional function buttons, behind it – petals for manual transmission control. Seats with a deep fit are comfortable, there are a lot of adjustments – even adjustment of the width of lateral support! Interior decoration – “blue-violet carbon”. Between the two main dials with an unusual finish is a multifunctional color display.

That’s the driving character of the Infiniti Q60S is similar: impressive with a first sigh, then gradually unfolds in detail. You sit inside, you start the engine with a button, in your head the idea of ​​”what’s going to happen now?” – after all, 405 hp. under the right foot. The engine comes to life, but surprisingly quiet; I leave the parking lot and go home under the drizzling rain – and I understand that the Infiniti Q60S is restraining itself in the ECO regime.

Then there were dry roads and open roads – and a feeling of infinite dispersal. The Infiniti Q60S coupe starts gently and leisurely in the first instant, but then turns into a hurricane, a tornado, a storm in one bottle: under the juicy, dense roar of the exhaust system, the car clamps so tightly into the back of the seat that it becomes hard to breathe! Not only the intensity of acceleration, but also its infinity is striking: from 1.5-2 thousand rpm and 30 km / h further the car tends forward like an airplane during the afterburner: 70-80-100-120-130 km / h . At some point, I understand that my brain just does not have time to handle the understanding of speed. The initial moments of the start – while the turbines are spinning, while the automatic transmission clutch “closes” – lulls vigilance. And for the time, while in the head runs the thought “yes everything is OK,” the Infiniti Q60S already exceeds the permitted city limits. And while the realization of the last fact comes, the car has already switched to three-digit speed figures. Do you want to experience Hyperloop or touch a black hole? Just ride the Infiniti Q60S: this car is not just accelerating, no; This car absorbs space and, it seems, even slightly bends the time.

Heart Infiniti 60 – strong 405-horsepower gasoline engine 6 with a pair of turbines. His loyal companions – all-wheel drive and 7-st. Automatic transmission. The car is rather big (4.69 x 1.85 x 1.395 m) and hard (1,914 kg), and therefore the initial acceleration impulse is not a “blow” or a “jerk”, but a soft start; which, by the way, helps to cope with the car at first. Acceleration of 0-100 km / h takes 5.1 seconds, a maximum of 250 km / h. But the maximum numbers of acceleration and speed are not so important as emotions – this car is not for the track, but for the joys of the life of the already held person: a country restaurant, a nightclub, beautiful landscapes outside the window …

Manageability is good at first glance, and with detailed study. If you sit behind the wheel, drank gas and drove “all the money” during the test drive at the dealer – the car just seems harsh, the steering wheel will be pleased with the sharpness (2 turns from the stop to the stop) and the speed of the reactions. In a word, everything is done in such a way as to immediately declare: uh, this is a serious sports coupe!

But if the owner tries to dig deeper than “pokatushki on the style of friends” – then the Infiniti Q60S demonstrates a more complete and multifaceted nature, which, incidentally, clearly influenced by various innovative technologies. It’s about the Drive Mode Select system and the DAS-guided steering (see below). The steering wheel is always transparent, it does not receive impacts from an uneven road; while on the steering wheel there is an effort that gives an understanding of the rotation of the wheels. And yet – depending on the chosen mode, not only the steering wheel’s power, but also the angle of the front wheels change: in the Sport mode, the steering wheel simply becomes heavier; and in the mode of Sport + also added sharpness of control. Similarly, Drive Mode Select affects the engine and automatic transmission: Comfort – it’s just a nice powerful car for every day; in the mode of Sport already visible manners, which turn into a real hurricane in the Sport +; Snow and ECO modes “crush” the engine and “smear” traction for a soft and safe ride.

System Drive -Mode the Select offers many different modes. Although, in truth, there would be enough three: usually comfortable, the most sporting, and its own Individual . The steering wheel and DAS system are pleased with the sharpness and wide customization possibilities. And the car itself is a versatile and understandable character. If it “just fell” – then on the arc, it is safely neutral and stable. But if you start to work thoughtfully with the steering wheel and gas – you can go to the verge of neutral and slightly oversteer: it comes out quickly and excitingly.

In general, the Drive Mode Select system should also influence the nature of the electronically controlled shock absorbers, but I did not notice much difference here: the “front end” always goes well, but the rear is a bit harsh – and this can not be corrected by switching the driving modes, passengers or bags in the trunk. It could be attributed to the sporting nature of the car, but the Infiniti Q60S is more likely to gravitate towards the GT class coupe than to the “lighters for the track”. This does not fit the noise from the wheels: yes, there was a late cold autumn, and the tires are summer and large ( Dunlop SP Sport MAXX 050 DSST245 / 40R19) – but in a car of this class somehow, in principle, do not expect that such questions will rise. But going on a long journey you can take friends and / or a lot of things: behind it are not only cozy, but also quite capacious seats (a full-sized 4-seater compartment!); the wheelbase is 2.85 m; the luggage compartment offers a capacity of 342 liters. At the same time, on the long journey, there will be time to study the InTouch multimedia system: many functions, but complex management.

At the back there is enough space for two, there is an electric drive for pushing the front seats to facilitate landing; the luggage compartment in volume of 342 l can be increased, having combined backs of a back sofa: Infiniti 60 suddenly appears practical and convenient! …

… What can not be said about the InTouch system with two displays. Fortunately, all the most necessary functions and buttons – “climate”, audio system, telephone – are placed on the center console or on the steering wheel.

Of course, the most important thing in the Infiniti Q60S is not the rear seats, trunk, buttons, system. The most important thing is the answer to the question: The Infiniti Q60S is remembered, like? The answer is obvious: of course, yes! In the coordinate system that Mazda CX-5 (riding for emotions) and SEAT Leon CUPRA (time driving) have established, the Infiniti Q60S coupe turns out to be closer to Mazda: you do not need to count the picoseconds from the circle, you do not need to go faster each time; you just need to catch the mood and enjoy life. Even at the moment when you only come to the car. Then a moment when you open the door and “come to life” salon. The next step is to start the motor, start the movement. Finally, during the ride – when you get emotions from every kilometer of the road. Emotions that will remain in your memory and become a part of your life. It is expensive.

Infiniti Q60S: a mixture of classics with innovation

While writing this text I catch myself thinking that Infiniti today suddenly turns out to be one of the most innovative car companies in the world. Just a couple of years ago the name Infiniti was associated with the FX model, the V6 longitudinal motor, the rear or all-wheel drive – remember the Infiniti Q70 . And today Infiniti is a “wheel on the wires” (for the first time in the world!), The engine with variable compression ratio (for the first time in the world!) And the newest VR30DDTT engine that we meet under the hood of the test car.

Interestingly, the Infiniti Q60S coupe is built on the basis of FM – Front Midship. It’s not even a platform, but a general ideology: the longitudinal arrangement of the engine and transmission, a strong displacement of the engine to the center, a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with an emphasis on the rear axle. In a similar recipe, the Infiniti G35 Coupe (2002) and the Infiniti G37 Coupe (2008) were created.

The company Infiniti had coupe before the Infiniti 35 Coupe and the Infiniti 37 Coupe , but these two models should be considered the predecessors of the Infiniti 60 : very powerful and fast coupe, built according to the ideology of FM – the longitudinal motor 6 is strongly biased within the wheelbase and rear wheel drive. The newest coupe is the ideological heir of these cars, but it is built using the most advanced technologies.

However, using the classic operating time of the company, the Infiniti Q60S model brings a huge amount of innovation. First, the technology of DAS (Direct Adaptive Steering): front wheel control “by wire” – i.e. There is no mechanical link between the steering wheel and the front wheels. And the Infiniti Q60S coupe uses the DAS system of the second generation, although globally the system has not changed: three identical control units that duplicate each other; The steering wheel is not connected with the wheels, but only gives the command, like a game joystick; Turn the front wheels right / left performs an electric drive. Plus there is a duplicating clutch, which closes when a possible failure of the DAS system – then the usual mechanical connection is created between the steering wheel and the front wheels.

The Infiniti 60 coupe became the second car in the world, after the Infiniti 50 family sedan , where the DAS system was serially used – i.e. “Control by wire.”

Why such complexity, what does it give? Firstly, the striking “cleanliness” of the steering wheel – when driving on unevenness, there is not the slightest twitching. At the same time, there is effort on the handlebar, which makes it possible to understand the level of rotation of the wheels. Secondly, the DAS system allows you to change not only the effort on the steering wheel, but also the gear ratio in real time, as happens in the Sport mode (the steering wheel becomes sharper than usual at 4% at a speed of 100 km / h) and Sport + (12% ). Judging by the small change in the gear ratio, today the developers of the Infiniti Q60S simply do not want to scare the drivers of the “traditionalists” with global steering changes. But the given system is really capable to provide the maximum turn of wheels at a deviation of a rudder on pair degrees a fingertip. Although some features of the DAS have already manifested itself: so, when turning the rudder to the extreme position, the system understands, that the driver wants to deploy the car – and turning the wheels initially to the maximum angle, then “dovorachivaet” them a couple of degrees. The following example is a system for controlling the sequence of motion. A similar system consists of two main blocks: obtaining information (the camera at the top of the windshield monitors the road) and an executing mechanism that corrects the position of the car on the road. In the latter case, when the system is triggered, either brakes are used (and then there is a feeling that the car is being “pulled by the tail”), or the electric power steering (and then noticeably as the steering wheel turns). And in the case of the Infiniti Q60S there is nothing like this – the car is just very gently guided and becomes centered in its strip. Finally, the third thing that remains behind the scenes, but it is very important: in fact this system is a reserve for the future, In the direction of autonomous transport, which should “steer” itself. I’m sure that Infiniti is already perfecting the logic of the DAS system management and, when the time comes for autonomous transport, a huge amount of knowledge will become an important technological advantage.

If to be absolutely exact, in this car the system DAS 2.0 is used – the control logic is slightly “ground up”, but without significant changes of technique: three duplicating control units, turning left / right by means of an electric drive, a backup clutch for mechanical coupling of the rudder and front wheels .

One more global novelty Infiniti Q60S became the motor VR30DDTT. In fact, this engine is the closest relative of the VR38DDTT from the Nissan GT-R and the successor of the legendary VQ series (VQ35 / VQ37). Constructively – everything is fine here! There are old-school traditions of designing “iron”: a V6 circuit with an angle of collapse of 60 degrees; The diameter and stroke of the piston are identical (86 mm). “Square motor”; the compression ratio is 10.3: 1; two turbines. There are innovative solutions: an aluminum block with plasma spraying on the walls of the cylinders; the combination of VTC systems (valve lift height) and CVVT (camshaft timing changes) with the electric drive – the latter allow improving the filling of the cylinder with the fuel-air mixture during suction and blowing the cylinder after the working cycle. And there are very unique solutions,

The result is 405 hp. at 6,400 rpm and 475 Nm in the range of 1,600-5,200 rpm. In real life it looks like this: from 1.5-2 thousand and, it seems to infinity, the car gently, but tangibly “tambours” the body in the back of the seat. At the same time, there is a persistent feeling that the motor can be more and consciously “clamped” for the sake of the total service life of the automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Because 135 hp. and 158 Nm removed from 1 liter of working volume with such a cluster of technologies and by the standards of the present time – this is a bit. Consumption? If you go “in all horses,” there will be about 20 liters per 100 km; if the rate is slightly lowered, we obtain an urban consumption of about 17-18 liters per 100 km, even taking into account everyday traffic jams; and if you ride on the weekend – it can and will fit at all in 10-13 liters per 100 km. When driving in maximum mode on the track, the consumption will increase by 1.5-2 times. But I very much doubt, that Infiniti Q60S will be a constant guest of track-days – not the format (and weight) of the car. But to go to a country club or “fly” along the highway to another city – that format. Consumption at a speed of 100 km / h – about 9 liters; at 130 km / h – about 10.5-11 liters. Then you can build a proportion yourself (I did not violate!): Every 10-20 km / h add to the rate of about 1 liter.

There is no doubt that the VR 30 DDTT engine is with us for a long time: high power and a successful 6 3.0 liter format allow using it on different Infiniti cars – from the sport versions of middle-class models ( 50 and 60 ), continuing with large luxury sedans, ending with large crossovers and SUVs.

One bundle: not cheap, but “all inclusive”

Against the background of the DAS system and the VR30DDTT engine, it is important not to lose other unusual solutions and features of the Infiniti Q60S. So, here we use the system of changing driving modes Drive Mode Select, which affects the work of the engine, automatic transmission, steering, suspension. By the way, the last point is also unusual – it is a suspension of DDS (Dynamic Digital Suspension) – i.e. electronically controlled shock absorbers. By the way, the DAS steering and the DDS suspension are a feature of the Infiniti Q60 in the maximum version with the red “S”. As well as increased brakes: from the front discs with a diameter of 355 mm, rear discs 350 mm, “registered” brake calipers produced by Akebono.

Switch Drive Mode Select already met on other cars Infiniti (we recall the Infiniti Q70 , Infiniti QX80 , Infiniti QX60), but here there are much more driving modes: Comfort, ECO, Standard, Sport, Sport +, Individual (you can “assemble” all the settings as desired). The multimedia system has changed. So, the Infiniti Q60S coupe gets a new InTouch system, where two touchscreens are used: the already famous 8-inch in the upper center console and the 7-inch display below. The logic in this solution is: the top display is navigation, displaying the image from the cameras of the circular view, quick access to some functions; the bottom display and the three buttons below it – this is the control of the audio system, the “climate”, the transition to the home page, a number of detailed settings and management of secondary (even third-rate) functions. Logic is, but it is far from perfect. For example, in some cases, the upper display works as a touchscreen, in other cases it does not; this is pretty confusing. The picture looks grainy, the graphics are simple; all this is not so noticeable in other cars Infiniti – because there is no lower display, which clearly looks better. But there are also pleasant trivia – for example, various “sports” devices: an indicator of overloads, a degree of depression of a pedal of gas.

Large brakes to match the power of the engine and the weight of the car; I went late in the autumn – without overheating. The InTouch system and the two displays are not devoid of logic, but they are also not without problems with ergonomics: sometimes you remember the proverb “easier – it means better”. But there are different sports indicators for fun, a circular view with several views, etc. The Drive Mode Select system allows you to choose one of several driving modes.

All these systems are included in one car kit: Infiniti Q60S V6 3.0 Sport + Navi, always with all-wheel drive and 7-speed automatic transmission. The price is 1.6 million UAH. or about $ 57 thousand.

This package is made on the principle of “all-inclusive”: leather interior, power seats and memory settings, carbon inserts with blue-violet accents, adaptive LED (LED) headlamps with “low / high beam” switching, review (four cameras), dual “climate”, etc. But even when you expect a high level of configuration, the coupe Infiniti Q60S finds, than to surprise. For example, here is used – among other things, for the first time in the world – high-end audio system Bose Performance Series: 13 speakers (including four subwoofers), 340 watts of power, amplifier and sound processing unit (active noise reduction and surround sound). Frankly: I’m not a professional music lover, but it sounds great.

I also note a couple of interesting points: Active Grille Shutter active grilles, which are closed to improve streamlining and open when the maximum cooling of the motor is required; plus the original red color Dynamic Sunstone Red (car on the photo) with an additional layer of varnish.

Now the Infiniti 60 coupe can only be bought in one, but the maximum version is a powerful motor, all-wheel drive, the maximum complete all-inclusive: leather and carbon in the cabin, adaptive LED headlights, Bose Performance Series audio system . However, soon we can come to the version with a 2-liter petrol turbo-motor (211 hp) and a rear-wheel drive; The price tag for such a car will be noticeably lower, and sales – higher.

Finally, for the car Infiniti Q60S even slightly changed the production process, were selected special people-controllers from among the most experienced employees of Infiniti. Yes, these are far from mandatory items in this article. But they show how much the creators “invested” in the car, how “polished” every little thing. The Infiniti Q60S is the Infiniti’s favorite child of engineers. And it is felt.

Results: why and who needs the Infiniti Q60S coupe?

This car is needed by my child – to put his photo as a screensaver on the phone. This car is necessary to engineers and designers Infiniti – to once again believe: we can! This car is needed by a customer who after QX60 and QX30 thinks “Infiniti is no longer a cake” – it is necessary to explain “Infiniti of a certain cake” for 5.1 seconds without words.

You ask: Well, how many such cars are sold? For the year of 2017 eight coupés Infiniti Q60S have been sold in Ukraine. There were quotas from the manufacturer, but even without quotas and even if the sales increased 2-3 times, the total figure would still be small. It may seem strange, but it’s good. This car should remain this way: original, rare, powerful, fuel-drinking buckets, with problems in ergonomics. Here it should be so with all its pluses and minuses – because it’s the Infiniti Q60S and the dot.

Because the Infiniti Q60S coupe is like a Turbo chewing gum liner: such a distant supercar that’s so close in your every dream. Similar cars are thoroughbred stallions, where money is paid not only for speed, but also for beauty, grace, character, breed. I would very much like to see a couple of such copies be presented to the New Year. What do you want.

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