Lightweight and stylish space suit from Boeing

Boeing Blue

Boeing Corporation has presented a bright blue suit, which will be worn by astronauts aboard the manned spacecraft CST-100 Starliner . The new space suit combines comfort and space functionality.

The kit includes a helmet, which is attached directly to the suit, sensory sensitive gloves and a ventilation system that provides normal conditions of aboard the spaceship.

The weight of the suit is about 20 kg, which is 40% lighter than the existing models . The structure of the material ensures the evacuation of water vapor from within. According to astronaut Eric Boe, “the most important thing is that a suit will give you the opportunity to stay alive”.

Boeing Blue

The amount of electronics in a suit is minimized and there is a simple explanation: the more complex the system, the more likely it will be. A new suit is fastened with a zipper, and on the elbows and knees “reserves” are provided, which guarantee the freedom of movement, so necessary on board the spaceship.

Communication between crew members will provide a headset inside the helmet, on which there is still a large protective glass for better peripheral vision. The suit is supposed to be used during the flight aboard the ISS. The pilot tests should begin in 2018.

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