The Tesla Model X electric tow truck pulls a huge diesel tractor from a snow trap

After yesterday’s publication on the number of purchased electric vehicles in Norway ( recall, 52% of all cars ) in the comments expressed doubts about the justification of such a purchase in a cold climate. Today the network has a video, where it is clearly shown how Tesla can manifest itself in the severe winter conditions.

Just note that the story occurred not in Norway, but in the USA (North Carolina). However, right now there are such conditions, which the Norwegians are accustomed to – in some parts of the country the temperature has dropped to -40 degrees Celsius, and snow storms go even where they do not normally exist.

A typical American took a video of how his friend pulls a jammed car out of snow. It sounds quite ordinary, if you do not take into account that the family truck crossover Tesla Model X was the tractor, and the victim is a massive diesel truck (we also understand that the electric Tesla Semi would leave on its own). Moreover, according to the casual operator, the road in this place goes to the hill, which further complicated the task of the electric vehicle.

Note that according to official data Tesla Model X can tow a trailer with a maximum weight of up to 5000 pounds (about 2.3 tons), but the weight of a diesel truck is many times greater. However, in the top version the electric turbo has a capacity of 774 hp. and a torque of 967 Nm, which, complete with all-wheel drive and traction control system allowed to successfully solve the task.

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