The US Army introduced a noiseless electric vehicle on hydrogen elements

Electric Vehicle ZH2

The US Army presented its latest development – a tactical electric vehicle on hydrogen fuel cells ZH2. The car is a modified Chevy Colorado, equipped with hydrogen elements and electric drive.

In tactical terms, the key advantage of ZH2 is that it does not produce smoke, noise, odor and does not have a thermal signature. The development took only a few months – from May to September 2016, and its field trials will be completed before the end of this year.

Electric Vehicle ZH2

The new electric vehicle offers the military a number of serious advantages:

  • The ZH2 has a high torque and is equipped with 37-inch tires, which allow it to overcome very complex landscapes;
  • The basic hydrogen element can generate up to 8 liters of drinking water per hour;
  • When the electric car does not move, it stably generates 25 kilowatts of energy. For its use the machine is equipped with 120- and 240-volt connectors;
  • On the front bumper ZH2 there is a powerful winch.

The primary prototype of the electric vehicle has a power reserve of 250 kilometers from one element, but the field version will have much higher performance.

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