Panasonic has developed a hanger that processes clothes with charged nanoparticles

Deodorant Hanger MS

An unusual device called Deodorant Hanger MS was developed by experts from Panasonic. This is a hanger that deodorizes shirts and jackets with the help of “atomized” nanoscale, negatively charged particles.

The creators of the wonder-hanger have achieved that clothes get rid of unpleasant odors in 5 hours. Especially they succeeded in eliminating smells of smoke, sweat and roast meat.

When working Deodorant Hanger MS uses the proprietary technology for the production of nanoparticles Panasonic – nanoe. These particles are invisible to the human eye and have already found application in hair dryers.

Deodorant Hanger MS

The device can work both from home network, and from accumulators. Normal mode provides odor elimination for 5 hours, and a special seven-hour treatment is designed to eliminate more complex odors , for example, pollen.

To start processing clothes, just hang it on the hanger and press the button. The cost of a miracle hanger is about $ 180 or 20,000 yen. While it is available only to residents of Japan.

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