4 advice to parents how to protect children from “dangerous” Internet

Children and the Internet

The fear that our children fall into technological Internet addiction is shared by most parents. However, almost half of the parents are still unaware of the life of their children in virtual reality. British experts have proposed 4 simple tips on how to protect a child who finds himself on the Internet.

1. Parents should show a personal positive example, limiting their stay in social networks and using a smartphone, at least during dinner or socializing with the family.

2. Talk to your child more often about security on the Internet. The simplest example: to explain that you should not open emails from strangers.

3. Warn about the existence of fake profiles in social networks and convince the child to reject requests to add to friends from strangers.

4. Take control of the home network by installing the appropriate antivirus software, which allows parents to manage their home computers.

These tips were published after a survey of 1,000 British parents. It turned out that 40% of them are fully aware of the lives of their children on the Internet. Almost a third – 29% of parents show complete indifference towards her. Another third expressed willingness to control the online activity of their children, if there is an easier way to do this.

42% of parents are ready to restrict Internet use only at the time of sleep, and only 28% of parents allow using the Internet when all safety rules are fully observed .

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