Google patented a laptop with a “motorized” display

If you are tired of opening and closing the laptop cover yourself and constantly adjusting the angle of the screen, you will surely appreciate the Google patent for a laptop with a “motorized” display unit that is able to perform these operations without user intervention.

The patent describes a “laptop with motorized display positioning”, which automatically lifts the lid and sets it in the working position, costs the owner to touch the edge of the display unit with built-in sensors. In the operating mode, a camera enters the case, which tracks the position of the user’s head in order to tilt the screen at the optimum angle relative to its eyes. Thus, the display will be able to choose the right position, depending on whether the user moved closer or leaned back in the chair.

Moreover, if the camera “sees” that the user has disappeared from the field of view, the laptop will automatically close the lid so that no one else can spy on the owner’s personal data. The next time you open it, you need to authenticate the user using a system similar to Face ID in Apple smartphones – if everything is OK and the laptop is opened by the owner, then the system will open the desktop, and if the laptop tries to open someone excessively curious, then the laptopPress his fingers and turn on the alarm.just stay locked.

Note that at first glance the system does not look particularly useful – to open the lid and tilt it at the right angle, this is not such a big problem. However, if you take into account users with disabilities or situations at home or at work, in which the employer has his hands, the “motorized lid” no longer looks like a useless whim for the most lazy.

The application for a patent was filed in 2013, so it can not be excluded that somewhere in the depths of Google’s research laboratories there is a working prototype of such a “robotic” laptop.

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