Sony comes out of the computer business for the sake of smartphones

On the day of the announcement of a new chapter of Microsoft, the Japanese company Sony said that it was negotiating the sale of its unprofitable computer business to a local investment fund. Exit from the business of the PC is part of a strategy aimed at developing the business of smartphones.

According to the Asian news agency Nikkei, Sony is negotiating with the Japan Industrial Partners investment fund to sell its Vaio division. Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, Sony’s desire to throw off excess weight off the shoulders is a clear signal – computers running Microsoft’s operating system have lost appeal to the world’s leading brand.

Sony’s desire to quickly sell its PC manufacturing business underscores how badly the computer business has fallen in the eyes of Japanese and American entrepreneurs, Nikkei writes.

Under the plan, the foundation will establish a new company that will buy out the existing PC business Sony. The transaction value is estimated at 40-50 billion yen (from 391 to 489 million dollars). Sony will retain a small stake in the company, which will continue to sell computers under the Vaio brand and provide post-warranty service.

Sony Vaio

Sony launched the Vaio brand in 1996, when the world rules Microsoft with Windows 95. At its best, this Japanese company sold around 900,000 computers a year. According to experts from the analytical firm IDC, last year Sony put on the market for less than 600 thousand devices.

Sony will not be the first Japanese manufacturer to decide to withdraw from the PC business. Before it, it was done by NEC, in the past No. 1 in the Japanese market. The latter transferred its business to Chinese Lenovo in 2011.

And even Lenovo, which fights against Hewlett-Packard for the place of the largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world, recently pays more attention to smartphones – the other day it bought from Motorola Motorola .

Earlier there were rumors that Sony is negotiating with Lenovo. But, as you can see, they were not confirmed.

After the sale of Vaio, Sony will tightly engage in smartphones . Microsoft itself followed the trend of leaving personal computers when it bought a mobile unit of Nokia.

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