Alibaba has announced a vending machine for the sale of cars

Everything in this world should be bought easily, comfortably and, most importantly, quickly. Developing this business concept, Alibaba, the largest trading web site, has developed a new service for car sales. It can turn into a “killer” of traditional car dealers and at the same time change the architecture of large cities.

The basis of the service is new software for smartphones that scans real cars on the streets. If you liked the car passing by, but you have no idea what model this is, the application will determine it on its own. Next, you will be asked to make an application, in which you must specify personal information for quick identification – selfi, one-time code, etc.

You receive a message with the address of the issuing point, where you come to an unusual design, similar to the combination of multi-level parking and vending machines. In the mobile cells are cars – you go through the identification procedure and the system pushes forward the cell with your order. It remains to get behind the wheel and go!

The user is free to arrange a limited test drive, immediately purchase a car or compare it with alternative options. No more complicated than buying a gift set of cups via the Internet or ordering a pizza. And there are only three questions: when will this service be launched, where will the first machines for the sale of machines be built and why the dispenser in them is decorated with the image of a curious cat?

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