New asphalt with graphene additive will increase road service life in half


It is generally believed that graphene is used primarily in electronic devices , but the range of its unique properties is far from exhausted. Italian companies Directa Plus and Interchimica have jointly developed a unique road surface – Eco Pave, combining asphalt with graphene.

Thanks to the graphene additive, the thermal conductivity of the asphalt has improved – now it does not soften in the heat and does not crack in severe frosts. As a result, the life of the pavement on average increased twice from 6-7 to 12-14 years.

Asphalt with the addition of graphene will certainly be of interest to companies involved in the construction and repair of roads. In addition, after the roadway gradually deteriorates, it can be used again – dismantle, grind, mix with “fresh” asphalt and solve the problem of waste in this way.

At present, developers have moved from laboratory tests to practical testing on small sections of highways. If it turns out to be successful, we can talk about the serial production of a new road surface.

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