Review of OnePlus 5T

For several years, smartphones OnePlus have a good reputation. Perhaps, among the popular three of Xiaomi, Meizu and OnePlus, the latter can be called the best – the price of current models is already approaching A-brands, but the company is not sprayed into producing low-cost devices and provides excellent support, so users do not feel abandoned and receive timely necessary updates. To this it is necessary to add a functional OxygenOS with a design in the style of pure Android and constant flirting with the audience, to the opinion of which the company listens. Today we will tell about their new smartphone OnePlus 5T , which we included in advance in the list of the best products of 2017.


OnePlus 5T comes in a traditional white and red box. Inside there is a cable, a charger, documentation, a “clip”, stickers and a cover. The latter was added to the box for the first time, before branded accessories could only be bought separately or added as a gift within the framework of the shares.

The cover is comparable to the complete accessories of other companies – it is simpler than a good analog from the profile manufacturer. “Bumper” is made of rigid silicone, because of what the use of physical keys becomes less convenient.

In the rest it is not bad, although it looks simple – all the holes are cut evenly, there is an additional edge around the camera, and also special projections on the display corners – you can safely put the smartphone screen down and they can help with accidental falls. On the screen a protective film is pasted from the box.


Compared to OnePlus 5 , the design of the 5T has not changed much – the smartphone has retained almost the same thin black metal body with an ergonomic bend of the “back” and a protruding double camera module.

But the model received a screen with an aspect ratio of 18 to 9, which significantly reduced the indentation above and below the display, and the fingerprint scanner was moved back, so the whole OnePlus 5T is perceived as a new, modern device with an up-to-date design.

The layout of the functional elements remains the same – the power button on the right, a slot for two NanoSIM above it. On the left is the volume control buttons (at the switch-on level), as well as the proprietary notification mode switch. On the lower edge – the speaker, connector Type-C and mini-jack, on the preservation of which during the announcement paid special attention.

Dimensions and weight of the case have changed minimally – because of the higher screen it became a bit more difficult to reach its upper edge, but this feature is typical for all devices with such displays. Fortunately, the desktop works with gestures, and with the help of the scanner you can open the curtain being in any application.

The lever for switching modes remained tight, you have to make an effort to use it. It would also be nice if the company swapped the mini-jack and the multimedia speaker – the latter easily overlaps with the hand during games and viewing the video in a horizontal orientation.

The fact that the scanner is now behind someone like it, but someone does not. OnePlus 5T (later appears on OnePlus 5) also has a face unlock function with the front camera – it works even in the dark on the street, if there is any kind of street lighting, in good cases it works almost instantly. Accordingly, the sensor has to be used only in the dark or for login to banking applications – it’s inconvenient to do when the device is on the table.

Also note that OnePlus 5T has already managed to obtain several limited versions – Star Wars edition for the Indian market, a version in the red case for China, and soon the sale of a white smartphone in the original rough color (Sandstone) should begin.


As we noted above, OnePlus 5T received the expected update – a 6 inch screen with an aspect ratio of 18 to 9, based on the Optic AMOLED matrix with Full HD + resolution (2160 at 1080 pixels, 401 ppi).

In fact, we have the same matrix as in the previous smartphones of the company, the screen proportions simply changed. According to our measurements, the brightness of the white field varies from 2 to 409 cd / m², automatic brightness adjustment works well. The screen is immediately glued with a protective film, but if you do not worry about possible small scratches, then it is better to remove it – fewer prints should accumulate on the glass, the image will look even better.

Calibration: “Default”, DCI-P3, sRGB

I liked the smartphone’s screen – maybe it’s a bit short of the matrices that Samsung uses, but otherwise it can be compared with LG’s OLED and IPS in Huawei devices. Simply put – we have an excellent display. Most importantly, the manufacturer did not forget to add color rendering modes: sRGB, DCI-P3, adaptive and custom (manual color temperature adjustment).

Also there is a night mode (decreasing the intensity of the blue color component) and a reading mode that can be used for individual applications, when you take the smartphone in your hands or come notifications turn on the analog Active Display. Together they allow you to flexibly adjust the image for yourself and get either saturated color rendition, characteristic for AMOLED or calm enough, as in good IPS, but with excellent black and maximum contrast.

Hardware platform

In the case of “iron” changes are even smaller than with the screen – the characteristics fully correspond to OnePlus 5. This is a bundle of Snapdragon 835, 6/64 or 8/128 GB of memory, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 (with Apt-X support) and a standard set sensors. Type-C works at speeds of USB 2.0.

Some performance degradation due to a slightly increased screen resolution is not observed, like the other OnePlus, the 5T model works quickly and is pleasant to use – the “safety margin” will definitely last for a couple of years. When used, even under load, the smartphone is almost not heated, everything is comparable with other flagships. The only traditional complaints about equipment are the lack of support for memory cards and moisture protection, there is no radio, and the metal case excludes the possibility of implementing wireless charging.

Software platform

As the operating system is OxygenOS based on Android 7.1, but for the smartphone is already released Open Beta based on Android Oreo. For installation, you just need to download the archive from the official site, flash it through the stock recovery and clean the caches – nothing complicated. We tested OnePlus 5T on Oreo and did not reveal any critical shortcomings during a week of use.

The OxygenOS design is comparable to the stock Android, but the manufacturer added a lot of trivia. This is an additional screen on the left, where frequent contacts and applications get to, widgets can be added here. There are dark and light interface themes, support for gestures for the locked screen, several views for the battery charge indicator and so on.


However, some things in OnePlus 5T are made at just normal or medium level. One of them is an external speaker. It is quite loud and it sounds clean even at maximum volume, but it is easily muted in a horizontal position during games and video viewing, due to which it is necessary to intercept the smartphone. In the sound there is no hint of bass and high, and the “middle” is strongly clamped. First, pay attention to this and realize that the device sounds simpler than many competitors, but you get used to it in a couple of days.

The sound in the headphones is familiar, at the level of other devices without separate DACs, there are no remarks to the quality of the spoken speaker and vibro too.


In OnePlus 5, the manufacturer first tried to use the main camera based on two sensors. In the OnePlus 5T, the rear camera is also represented by two modules, which are needed to implement the portrait shooting mode and double zoom, but the logic of their work differs from the previous solution.

The main sensor is 16 megapixels (Sony IMX 398) paired with wide-angle optics (27 mm, f / 1.7), works in conjunction with a 20-megapixel module (IMX 376K) with the same optics. There is no optical stabilization, only electronic.

The manufacturer claims that the second module is used to improve photographs taken with insufficient illumination – this logic is not fully understood, but let’s better see how the device shoots in practice.

The quality of the shooting remained approximately at the level of OnePlus 5. In the daytime and indoors the camera is working well, at night – in general, not bad. In a direct comparison, the smartphone will give way to the Galaxy S8 / Note8 and Mate 10 Pro, primarily because of the quality of the night photos, but in general, OnePlus 5T can be considered as a photographic solution. The main thing is that the device provides a stable quality of shooting and the user can immediately understand what to expect.


The positive aspects of OnePlus 5T do not end on good cameras – it’s worth praising the smartphone’s working time as well. From the battery for 3300 mAh, it confidently works day and a half at an average load, showing 6-7 hours of the active screen. Even with active use, you can expect that the charge will be enough for a light day.

 Support for fast charging is based on Dash Charge’s own standard and requires not only a compatible power supply, but also a cable. In this configuration, the OnePlus 5T gets about 90% of the charge per hour, but it also charges fairly quickly from the usual charge.
PROS: high-quality screen 18: 9, performance and performance, good cameras, software (customizable, unlocked in the face, support), working time and fast charging, bundling
CONS: THE price in Ukraine, the multimedia speaker could be better, the standard disadvantages of OnePlus – there is no moisture protection, support for memory cards, its fast charging standard
CONCLUSION: OnePlus 5T in almost full extent met our expectations. The smartphone received a screen with the actual aspect ratio, which affected its perception – it seems that we have a new device, although there are almost no other changes in comparison with the same OnePlus 5. Of course, software innovations in the form of unlocking on the face, we also appreciated, but we will not deny – the main thing is in external attractiveness. Otherwise, we have the same smartphone with the standard list for OnePlus of advantages and disadvantages. The only “but” is the increased price. Depending on the market, the official prices for OnePlus 5T have changed to the minimum or remained the same, but in Ukraine the cost is minimal compared to the “gray” offers for A-brand devices, and with such a trend one can doubt the feelings for the beloved company.


Review of OnePlus 5T: a familiar smartphone in the right presentationOnePlus 5T 6 / 64GB Black
15 900 – 18 499 UAH
Compare prices
A type Smartphone
Preset OS Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)
Operative memory, GB 6th
Built-in memory, GB 64
Expansion Slot
SIM card type Nano-SIM
Number of SIM cards 2
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 + GPU Adreno 540
Number of Cores 8
Frequency, GHz 4×2.45 + 4×1.9
Accumulator battery Li-Pol, 3300 mAh (non-removable)
Operating time (manufacturer data) no data
Diagonal, inches 6.01
Resolution 2160×1080
Type of matrix AMOLED
PPI 401
Brightness control sensor +
Other 2.5D, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, supports sRGB, DCI-P3
Main camera, Mp 16 (f / 1.7) + 20 (f / 1.7)
Videography 3840×2160 (30fps)
Flash +
Front camera, Mp 16 (f / 2.0)
High speed data transfer GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA + / LTE Сat12
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band
Bluetooth 5.0
GPS + (GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo)
FM radio
Audio Connector 3,5 mm
Interface Connector USB 2.0 (Type C)
Dimensions, mm 156.1х75х7.3
Weight, g 162
Protection from dust and moisture
Type of shell monoblock (non-separable)
Housing material aluminum
Keyboard type screen input
Yet face scanner, fast charging, 3 microphones with noise suppression, fingerprint scanner

The editorial staff thanks the Stylus store for the smartphone

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