Alarm clock Mella will help children and wake up, and fall asleep

In ordinary adults, one problem – to wake up from a dream in the morning, and those who have already become parents, there are two. You need to learn not only to wake your children, but also to put them to sleep, which is an order of magnitude more difficult. Startup Mella was created with the purpose of solving this pressing problem.

Mella watches in the form of a round “well-fed” fairy creature combine the functions of an alarm clock, a night lamp and an audio system. Going to sleep turns into a small light-music performance, with relaxing sounds and a gradual attenuation of the highlight. By default it is white noise and matte glow of the rim, but optionally up to five shades and as many background tracks are available – surf noise, wind rustling, lullaby motive, etc.

Awakening begins half an hour before the appointed time, with a soft pulsation of sound and light, which smoothly flow into a rhythmic alarm with a red flashing red dial flashing. The child develops a kind of reflex and creates the right to choose – to wake up and lie in bed, until you ignore the alarm clock is no longer possible, or get up in the middle of the process and start an active activity.

The pleasure of using the Mella alarm clock will cost the parents $ 39, the desired amount of investment for a startup at Kickstarter is only $ 30,000, so the chances of an early start of the project in production are not illusory. It is expected that the product will be available in January 2018.

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