Artificial intelligence from Google DeepMind learns to overcome obstacles

Virtual running with obstacles

As you know, training “living” people – the process is very complex, requiring serious preparation. No less effort is required in order to train artificial intelligence.

British company DeepMind, working in the field of AI, presented a funny, but at the same time an impressive video in which the characters – headless body, four-legged ant and three-dimensional humanoid make a kind of parkour.

With their help, scientists train by the method of machine learning the behavior of AI. In this case we are talking about interaction with various environments, for which these virtual beings have to run, jump, crouch, depending on the circumstances.

In order to get from point A to point B, they need to overcome many obstacles, make a lot of mistakes, falling, bumping into walls , stumbling.

However, over time, their movements are becoming more confident and correct. The whole process relies on an appropriate learning algorithm, developed using the components of several existing training systems.

According to the researchers, this method will help AI systems achieve a flexible and natural behavior that will be constantly improved, due to the impact of various increasingly complex situations.

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