Virtual exhibition will bring tourists to Paris in the 1920s

 Tate Modern

The London Gallery of Modern Art together with HTC organized an interactive exhibition of a new format. It is dedicated to the work of Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian rebel artist who lived and worked at the beginning of the last century in Paris. The last aspect, the conditions in the Expressionist workshop, visitors of the exhibition and will see in virtual reality.

This project is part of the extensive program “Vive Arts program” from HTC, which is designed to change the “ways of creativity and its perception.” Modigliani’s works were chosen for this purpose for a reason, since in 1917 the French authorities closed the exhibition with a scandal. Painfully obscene there were exhibits, and the personality of the artist caused conflicting feelings.

 Tate Modern

To the modern viewer could understand what the then leaders were guided by, and this virtual tour was organized in the Modigliani workshop. With the help of Vivo headsets, visitors of the exhibition can not only see, but also “touch” the world in which the artist lived and worked. Five months of painstaking work have turned into a digital world with 60 subjects available for interaction. For example, a bank on the floor from spilled paint or smoldering cigarette butts in an ashtray.

 Tate Modern

Also during the tour you will see a step-by-step creation of the last two Modigliani paintings. All details are carefully coordinated with historians and art historians, when digitizing, real items of that era and documentary pictures were used. The exhibition will work until the spring of next year, and the virtual tour will soon appear in the content store for the Vivo headset.

 Tate Modern

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