Russian scientists have come up with how to launch engines of heavy equipment at -60 ° С

Supercapacitor electronics

For Russia, extreme frosts (especially in the Far North) are common. However, in order for the machinery (mainly heavy track, wheel and aircraft) to work in such extreme conditions, it is necessary, first of all … to start. Drivers who have worked in the Far North for a long time know that after -40 ° C it’s not so simple, and what to do when the “board” is all -60.

The output is found. The joint development of the specialists of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISiS) and the holding company ROTEK was the supercapacitor storage of nanocarbon organic fiber – whiskers. The peculiarity of this material in its high electrical characteristics, commensurate with the glorified glory, but it is ten times cheaper.

The drive is located inside the case, something that resembles a box-case. The installation itself consists of a supercapacitor-accumulator and a gasoline generator for its recharging. The system is completely autonomous and is designed for 10 “shots”, that is, for the alternate launch of 10 units of ground heavy and aircraft in the conditions of extreme cold to -60 ° C.

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