Almost Human

2048 year. Bitcoins are universally recognized world currency, drones of different types have flooded the sky over the cities, most of the crimes are associated with high technologies, and robots serve in the police. This is Almost Human, a new series by JH Wyman, produced by JJ Abrams himself.

Almost Human / Almost Human

Genre fantasy / detective
Creator JH Wyman
Cast: Carl Urban, Michael Ili, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, Lily Taylor Fox
Year 2013-
Series 13

By and large, Almost Human is tailored according to the standard patterns of detective series. We already saw a hundred times how the team of brave police officers or FBI members was a neurosurgeon (Body Of Proof), a psychiatrist (Lie to Me), a mathematician (Numb3rs), an anthropologist (Bones), a doctor (Sherlock and Elementary), a writer (Castle), a psychic (The Mentalist), con man (White Collar), etc. In Almost Human, the robot DRN-0167 “Dorian” will be the partner of the detective John Kennex returning to the service after a serious trauma. And it all changes.

In 2048, all police officers are required to have a robot partner. That’s only unlike other cops working with executive, but limited robots of the MX series, Kenneth gets written off due to problems with the software robot DRN-0167 “Dorian”. It was developed within the framework of the project “Synthetic soul” and its reactions are as close as possible to human. It seems that the plot of Almost Human is very similar to the story of Isaac Azimov’s novel “Steel Caves”, but the 2013 series is strikingly different from the book written 60 years ago. Another time, a different pace of narration, others we are.

In Almost Human an excellent acting duo. And although Carl Urban (Star Trek star, Dredd and Red) should play the main violin here, Makl Eli, the performer of the role of Dorian, overplayed him. In fact, he has a rather difficult task. On the one hand, he as a robot should restrain emotions, on the other – show them to be different from the MX series.

However, the main value of the film is a thoughtful, reliable, holistic world of the future, which was managed to build script writers and special effects artists. Neither the interfaces of computers, nor the design of vehicles and buildings are not out of the picture. Particular attention is paid to the crimes themselves of the future – they look frighteningly realistic. Taking as a basis modern cybercrimes, the authors extrapolated the development of technologies and ways of thinking gangsters into the future. There are banned reality shows, cyberprostitution, fake cyberimpants, illegal cloning, high-tech weapons, programmable DNA, composite drugs and much more.

Perhaps, Almost Human – one of the most powerful science fiction, and the most powerful technological series of recent times. In addition, this is also a good detective. Although the series has not yet been extended for the second season, the ratings look pretty decent. So if you love technology and would like to look into the near future – do not miss Almost Human.

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