Man and computers. Sergey Galenkin, Marketing Director, Nival

Sergey Galyonkin does not need special representation. This person knows everything not only about computers, but also about the gaming industry. In the past, he was the editor-in-chief of Gameplay magazine, after working in several large companies involved in the development and distribution of computer games. Today Sergei has a personal blog about games and works as a marketing director for Nival. Since this post assumes constant trips between the Kiev and Moscow offices of the company, we were interested to know what computers and programs Sergey uses at home, at work and on business trips.

What computers do you use at home / at work?

Since I work in two offices and a little at home, I have three computers. This is not very convenient, but it is necessary to put up with the production need. Home – assembled to order in the “Zone 51” game computer desktop, which is used primarily for games and serves as a home file server (I’m going to put a dedicated device for these purposes). He is two years old, he is not too fast (Intel Core i5, 4GB, GeForce GTX 570), but for my good luck, games recently do not require anything special from the computer.

In the Kiev office, I have a gaming laptop HP Pavilion dv7 17 “(Intel Core i7-2630 @ 2, GHz, 8 GB, Radeon HD 6770M), which is used as a desktop replacement.

It is powerful enough to run modern games. The truth is that it is quite heavy, so I try not to carry it without unnecessary necessity. And I never started it without connecting to the outlet.

In Moscow office and on business trips I use Macbook Air 13 “. He is the weakest of all three, but our project (Prime World) pulls and to work with documents and photos it suffices for the eyes. Plus, most importantly, it weighs little, you can ride without a suitcase with a shoulder bag.

Is the computer for you …?

Working tool first. I watch movies on the aipade or console, I play a little bit everywhere, but on the consoles probably still more often than on the PC.

Tablet – a new type of PC or useless toy?

The last year I actively used the tablet on business trips as a PC replacement and even now, when I have a Macbook Air, I still sometimes work with a tablet – it is quite enough for writing and processing simple texts. But now I use the iPad more as a personal newspaper and to watch movies and play games.

I believe that tablets can replace a computer for a significant part of consumers, at least at home – for mail, movies and the Internet, they are enough for the eyes. But it will be in several generations, at the moment the iPad without a home computer is not very convenient, and on Android there are not enough applications.

Is there a smartphone in your pocket?

Yes, I use Google Nexus One, which is already two and a half years old. Many functions of the smartphone took over the tablet, so I still have not changed the phone to something more decent (and not on Android) – for mail / calls / music it’s enough, and the rest is more convenient to do on the tablet.

What programs do you prefer?

On a PC other than the standard MS Office, I mostly use the browser, Internet applications now have almost everything I need. The most important is of course Dropbox . I synchronize the data not only between my computers (and my wife’s and son’s computers), but also with colleagues and contractors through shared folders. Its money pays for itself with interest. The second main tool is Skype . I do not even remember when I last started ICQ, I got the impression that it was long ago abandoned by a more or less advanced audience. Among other services, obvious things like Gmail , Google Reader , Google Docsand a little less known: Producteev task manager , teamwork serviceBaseCamp , Wiki Confluence , Gyazoimage sharing . Their huge advantage in having applications for different platforms, including phones and tablets. On the Mac, I want to separately note the Scrivener article editor , the Sparrow email client , the Reeder RSS reader and the Pixelmator photo editor . In general, MacOS greatly pleased with a good set of software for work, now these applications are not enough on Windows.

Favorite gadgets?

Probably now it’s an iPad. I have not yet played enough with its second version and I do not cease to be surprised at how before I had to turn on the computer in order to view the news or read the magazine. And this I’m not talking about the last century with the paper press.

I also like PlayStation Vita – it fit well into my mode with business trips. While I’m in Kiev, I almost do not include it, there are PlayStations 3 for games. But when I want to play a game with normal control on a trip, there are no other options.

Is there a computer / smartphone / tablet of your dreams?

I really want a normal smartphone – a hybrid iPhone and Android. To a slightly larger screen than the iPhone, a normal shared file system with access protection, a sufficient number of applications and without ridiculous restrictions like “separate non-expandable memory for programs.” To the ideal of the computer, Macbook Air (or new ultrabooks on Windows) has come very close. All I need is a long battery life, a good screen and a light weight. It would be cool if it worked as a tablet (like ASUS Transformer), but support for applications for computer OS (Mac OS, Windows) is more important.

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