A new implant with a medicine will cure glaucoma from the inside of the eye


Glaucoma is on the second place in the world after cataracts among the causes of blindness, and by 2020 there will be 76 million sick people in the world (and by 112 million already by 112 million). Part of the reason for the complexity of treatment is an effective technique, but the medicine must be given in the eye strictly on schedule. And the fact that an inattentive person can not cope with can now make an implant.

Dr. Tejal Desai from the University of San Francisco was involved in the development of the glaucoma remedy. His department is working on innovative methods of taking medicines and delivering them to a sick body. Glaucoma is a suitable testing site, as today’s eye drops mostly flow past the affected optic nerve. The most part gets into the bloodstream and is eliminated from the body – it’s uncomfortable and wasteful.

Implant Desai looks like a sandwich of two layers of biodegradable film, between which dosed packaged portions of the drug are dosed. The entire structure is installed in the patient’s eye and, as the film dissolves, supplies it with a medicine, then disappears without a trace. The patient does not need to do anything, just wait about 6 months and report the symptoms to the treating doctor.

About such while in the experiments of Dr. Desai, not a word, but also implants have been placed only in laboratory mice. The technology should not create complications for the patient, however, scaling of implants for human dimensions and development of injectors by modern standards will take a long time. On the cost of this type of treatment to say so far is not necessary at all – eye drops are obviously cheaper.


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