Review of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet

Almost all large companies presented or announced in 2014 their fitness bracelets or smart watches. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi also tried to release the device in this spirit, but did it in its corporate style. Thus, the device appeared Xiaomi Mi Band – the most affordable branded fitness bracelets in the Ukrainian market. Let’s see what he can offer for his price.

Contents of delivery

To the appearance of the box and the kit as a whole, Xiaomi always came with a special attention. The box with the bracelet is made in a corporate style, but here, unlike other boxes, the opening mechanism was not thought out a bit. After all, the cube itself has almost equal dimensions of the faces. Therefore, to open the lid is either to pick it up, or to take a diagonal for the upper corners.


Inside the box is a bracelet, USB charging cable and paper documentation.


It is worth noting that at the moment the bracelet is supplied only with a rubber strap.

Appearance and usability

As expected, at the beginning of the supply there was a lot of excitement, as a result of which not all the citizens of the Middle Kingdom were able to buy a tasty bracelet for 79 Chinese yuan ($ 13). Residents of other countries had no choice but to wait for more or less real prices, or buy at the price that they have. Even if you consider that the bracelet costs about $ 20, it is still several times cheaper than the main competitors.

The bracelet itself consists of two parts: a rubber strap and a core, which is actually the “brains” of the device. During the announcement, a lot of interchangeable straps were shown, but so far only rubber ones are officially sold.

More precisely, the strap is made of thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate (TPSiV). It is pleasant to the touch, but it does not look bright or even boring. In the center of the strap is a hole in which the core of the bracelet is located.


It is worth noting that it does not matter which side you insert it into the hole of the strap, in any case it is symmetrical. Fastening of the bracelet on the hand is carried out, preliminary passing it in a loop, and then fixed on the usual fastener. This type of fastening is very reliable, because even if for some reason the clasp opens, then with the help of eyelets the bracelet will remain on the hand, and not fall.


The heart of the bracelet is made in the form of a cylindrical part made of polycarbonate and magnesium alloy. The whole lower part is painted black. The top part is silvery, through it there are 3 LED notification lights.

During the use of the bracelet it is easy to get used to having it on hand because of the light weight of 13.5 grams. It is important to remember that you can wear a bracelet on both the right and the left hand. The length of the strap is adjustable within 157-205 mm.


To the design of the bracelet, there are no comments, but the appearance is worth mentioning. The strap of the bracelet is quite easily rubbed off, which somewhat spoils the appearance. A significant advantage is that the bracelet is protected in class IP67 – this means that it is completely protected from dust and can withstand short dives to a depth of 1 meter.


To fully work the bracelet, you must have a smartphone running on Android starting with version 4.3 and higher, or iOS. In addition, the smartphone must have Bluetooth version 4.0. These two conditions are mandatory. Also worth mentioning is that without connecting to a smartphone, the bracelet is absolutely useless.

If you have an iOS-based smartphone, then to install the application you just need to find and install the application in the App Store search . At the time of writing, the application was available only in Chinese.

If you have an Android smartphone, you need to either take advantage of all the famous 4pda site forum and find the Xiaomi Mi Band community there, or the official Xiaomi community in Russia and Ukraine –, or, as a user of the Xiaomi smartphone, go to the company store applications and install it from there. In the Google Play app store, the app is only available in Chinese and English . As a result, in the first two cases you can put a Russified version of the application. It should be noted that in applications submitted to Google Play and the App Store, it is not possible to configure the notification display. In the review, the main features of the bracelet will be considered on the basis of an application with active notifications, taken from the community Xiaomi Mi Band forum.


After installing the application, put the bracelet on your hand and follow the instructions for the first run.

After that, we get to the main screen, which consists of several parts. Since the main features of the bracelet is a pedometer and a smart alarm clock, it’s not surprising that the screen is divided into two parts. The transition between them is organized using the gesture to the right and left. In the lower part is more detailed information on the number of steps passed and calories burned.

The application menu consists of settings, alarm, my profile, fitness center, information and share. Let’s start with the settings.

This item displays the level of charge of the bracelet and the number of days since the last charge. Also here is the item “find my bracelet”, which allows you to find the device by activating the vibration and light indication on it. The color of the indicators can be selected from the four offered – blue, orange, green and red. You can also choose on which wrist to wear a bracelet – right or left. An interesting feature is unlocking the screen with a bracelet. To begin with, the user needs to specify a pattern and only then the function becomes fully active. It works quite correctly, but if the bracelet is far away, then you can activate the smartphone using a graphic key. Another great opportunity is to inform about an incoming call. For this, there is a special setting in which you can select an interval,

Setting up notifications is an item that is not available in all versions of the application. But in our case, it is, so consider it in more detail. This setting allows you to activate and configure notifications for any installed application. Just worth noting that the settings are very extensive. Here you can choose how the notifications will inform you: using vibration or indicators. The number of vibrations and blinking can be adjusted at your own discretion. This also applies to duration. You can also select the time interval in which notifications will be displayed. Do not forget that the color of LED indicators can also be customized. As a result, it turns out that for each application you can set your own unique settings.

Do not forget that to work with notifications you need Android 4.4 and higher. Also do not forget about activation of notifications in the settings. For smartphone owners on Android 4.4, you need to follow the path – Settings -> Security -> Access notifications, and for smartphone owners running Android 5.0 – Settings -> Sounds and notifications -> Access notifications.

Another interesting menu item is the alarm clock. There are three in total. Add more will not work. The alarm settings are simple enough and consist of a switch “Smart alarm clock”, repeat and response time. Here it is worthwhile to clarify that an intelligent alarm clock wakes up only with the help of the vibration of the bracelet itself. However, the smartphone does not make a single sound. If you get a little deeper into the essence of the smart alarm clock and its operating principle, then in a nutshell it is to wake you up when you are in a phase of easy sleep. Then the person will most easily wake up and will not feel discomfort. Therefore, it is worth to understand with understanding that even if you set the alarm clock at 7-30, it can wake you up for 30 minutes earlier than it was laid, precisely because you are in a phase of easy sleep.
In the section “fitness center” there are various sports in which you can apply a bracelet. For example, jumping rope, press, running assistant, and voting for new sports are now available.

The accuracy of the pedometer’s reading depends largely on which hand it hangs on. For example, if you wear it on your right hand, sometimes even slicing bread in the kitchen is considered to be steps. On the other hand, all these inaccuracies are not very significant and will practically not be noticeable in practice.


As a result, we get an inexpensive but fully functional bracelet that will track the distance traveled, help you analyze your sleep and unobtrusively wake you up at the right time. It will not be superfluous to receive notifications of incoming calls and messages of social networks. In general, the bracelet is worth its money. As for autonomy, the claimed time of Xiaomi Mi Band is up to 30 days, but if you adjust the vibration for all social networks, the indicator will decrease. In our case, the autonomy of the device was up to 40 days. Well, things are the same with working with a smartphone, the bracelet will not consume much of it. At least, this is not noticeable in real use. As a result, Xiaomi Mi Band can be called the best budget fitness bracelet on the market.

We liked:

+ Cost

+ Functionality

+ Notifications

+ Having an application for Android and iOS

+ Autonomy

We did not like:

– Lack of localization

Review of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band (Black)
225 – 812 uah 
Compare prices
A type Sports bracelet
Android +
Bracelet size, mm strap length: 230 mm (adjustable from 157 to 205 mm), sensor dimensions: 36x14x9mm
Housing material plastic, rubber
Colour black / silver
Moisture Protection IP67
Interface Bluetooth 4.0
Indication a series of LEDs
Pedometer +
Counting steps no data
Sleep Tracking +
Notifications about missed events (calls, SMS) +
Time display
Additionally the ability to unlock the smartphone by touching
Battery type Li-Ion, 41 mAh
Battery life, hours up to 720
Charging method USB (complete adapter)

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