Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter Overview

The electric bike, which Xiaomi released last year, aroused considerable interest. Indeed, it turned out to be a very high-quality bike with a smart component and an electric motor. But the Chinese manufacturer did not stop and just recently introduced another two-wheeled vehicle – this time a scooter called Mi Mijjia Electric Scooter. Snow-covered Kiev did not scare us, so we took a new scooter for a review.

Scooter provided by Xiaomi.ua

Design and materials

The design is made of aviation aluminum, which really inspires confidence – the metal is really strong, it will be difficult to bend. Handles are rubberized, the “torpedo” in front with the indicators is made of glossy plastic, which is very quickly covered with scratches.

Wheels are quite large, because of this Mi Mijjia Electric Scooter looks unusual, such a kind of crossover in the world of scooters. In the sale will go two options – black, like ours, and white.

Ergonomic, easy to carry

Mi Mijia Electric Scooter – city scooter. And this should mean a minimum weight and a foldable structure, to go into the subway or bus. With these parameters, he is doing well. Weight 12.5 kg for the average young man almost does not mean anything, but for girls – in question, maybe already hard enough to bring it into public transport.

The folding system is thought up very cool – just flip off the steering wheel and put it on the rear wheel, where there will be a fixation for the special hook. To assemble the scooter, it is enough just to slightly shift the steering wheel to the side and raise it. On the left of the handlebars is a bell to alert pedestrians.


By “fancy” scooter is only slightly different from the bike Xiaomi, mainly the difference in the absence of an on-board computer with key indicators – speed, mileage, battery, etc.

For this is now responsible for the application for a smartphone, in which these parameters are monitored. The program is made beautifully and has a list of various settings, up to the installation of a new version of the firmware for the scooter. Front Mi Mijia Electric Scooter carried a bright LED-flashlight with a lens, behind – a stop that flashes when braking.


A mono wheel is a difficult transport for an unskilled user. Girokkutery, in the manner of Nineboot Mini – is a little easier. Bicycle QiCycle – almost everyone is given the first time. Well, on Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter absolutely everything is the first time. Riding a scooter is really very simple.

The main difference from the classic scooter is the lack of rolling as such at the minimum speed (after reaching the maximum you can go from the hill at a higher speed), the engine turns on immediately after you push with your foot. At the expense of the engine – its power is 250 W, and the maximum speed is at 25 km. There is even a cruise control, which is very convenient when traveling for long distances. Drive front, drift is given hard, but you can think of something, of course, if you really want.

Speed ​​is regulated by the handle, which is located on the right of the handlebars and has the ability to smoothly supply electricity – you can accelerate both smoothly and abruptly with slipping.

The scooter is equipped with disc brakes with the E-ABS function, which functions similarly to the ABS in the car’s braking system. But it is actual only at high speeds, when it is really possible to fly away on the locked rear wheel.

Relatively large wheels provide good cross-country ability, I went on asphalt, grass, earth, ice and even snow. And let him on the snow still have to help the scooter with his foot, but at the same time he goes and does not fall. From moisture and dust the model is protected by the standard IP54 – you can ride in the rain or go into the sand.

The manufacturer states that Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter can withstand a maximum of 100 kg. We gave a ride on a scooter to people weighing from 50 to 120 kg. Perhaps in the long term, any details of the device can be deformed due to the fact that the weight exceeds the permissible. Nevertheless, when a two-meter-long man weighing 120 kg drove on a scooter, there was no problem – the only thing was that the acceleration was more smooth.


Inside the Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter, there are 30 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This solution is sufficient up to 30 km of run. The scooter is charged from the mains for about 5 hours.


At the moment, the cost of Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter is 14000 UAH on the site Xiaomi.ua. It is not very cheap, as for a scooter, but not too expensive if you consider it as a means of transportation around the city, which will save on public transport.

PROS: design, materials, assembly, ergonomics, functionality, autonomy, protection against moisture and dust according to IP54, good cross-country, disc brakes with E-ABS, easy to learn
CONS: lack of an on-board computer; Glossy panel with indicators, which quickly scratches
CONCLUSION: Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter leaves positive emotions after use. With the help of scooter you can ride on the asphalt and even afford a light off-road. At the same time the device has an original design, made of high-quality aviation aluminum and good functionality.

The editorial staff expresses gratitude to the xiaomi.ua store for providing the device for testing

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